HoloLens Intern

The HoloLens are mixed reality glasses that make it possible to place virtual objects (holograms) in the real world. For an impression; a tv program (InsideGamer) has visited us to test the HoloLens. This video can be found below.

With Methylium we are focussing on the business applications for the HoloLens. Comparable with the scenarios in the second clip found below.

Methylium is an ambitious company specialized in developing applications for the Microsoft Platform. We create quality applications for customers in and outside the Netherlands. For example; Nu.nl, NOS, Parkmobile, MijnKPN, Priceline, Flitsmeister. We also develop an ASP.net system for a University in the Netherlands.

An intern at Methylium will be part of the team. We endeavor to get the most out of your internship. This will be achieved with the right amount of guidance and support. Our open work-culture will guarantee a fun and educational time.

So if you are looking for an internship, working with the HoloLens or participate in the daily operations of a company? Or do you have other questions? Contact us, drop by and lets find, with a cup of coffee, the possibilities for you.


InsideGamer HoloLens Business HoloLens



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